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Conservative Pinched Nerve in Neck Treatments

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Many if not all of the treatments below can be used to help those suffering from a cervical pinched nerve as well as pinched nerves in other areas of the spine. The following treatments work best whet performed for at least few months. You should not expect to see any actual changes in how you […]

Pinched Nerve in the Neck

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A pinched cervical nerve occurs when there is compression on the nerves in the neck and is a common cause for neck pain. It’s often a result of an injury such as whiplash from a car accident or a fall. Since you do many things with your neck daily this is a condition that can […]

Finding a Qualified Rhizotomy Surgeon

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If you follow the following guide you will be able to locate the best and most qualified rhizotomy surgeon available to you. Although you could use this guide for finding any qualified spine surgeon, some of it is specific to neurology. If you are considering a spinal rhizotomy, the task of finding the correct surgeon […]

How to Calculate Rhizotomy Cost

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Although the cost of rhizotomy procedure is a very real factor in your decision to go ahead with surgery, it is also important to consider the reputation and ability of the operating surgeon before making a major decision like this. Traditional Rhizotomy Cost On average you are looking at paying $15,000-20,000 US for a rhizotomy […]

What is a Rhizotomy Procedure

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What is a Rhizotomy Procedure? During a rhizomtomy neurosurgical procedure, problematic spinal nerve roots are selectively severed to correct symptoms associated with neurological conditions. In problematic pinched nerve situations where conservative measures have had little to no effect on the symptoms, a rhizotomy procedure may be considered as a corrective measure.