Important Rhizotomy Procedure & Related Information

How to Calculate Rhizotomy Cost

Although the cost of rhizotomy procedure is a very real factor in your decision to go ahead with surgery, it is also important to consider the reputation and ability of the operating surgeon before making a major decision like this.

Traditional Rhizotomy Cost

On average you are looking at paying $15,000-20,000 US for a rhizotomy procedure. Factors that may increase the price will usually be specific to the surgeon’s abilities, reputation, and the assisting staff used. If your surgeon will perform the procedure in a hospital you should expect to incur additional hospital fees and anesthesia fees near $15,000 US. If a hospital stay is required you could expect the fee to come to around $40,000 US.

Laser Assisted Rhizotomy cost

Most surgeons that perform this procedure will perform it in an outpatient setting saving you the patient a large amount of money. Without the need for an extended hospital stay you will be saving yourself $15,000 – $20,000 US. On average a laser assisted rhizotomy will cost you $15,000 – $20,000 US.

Cost to Consider Following Rhizotomy Surgery

You should expect some physical therapy and following appoints following your rhizotomy procedure. The appointments combined with the physical therapy sessions on average will total near $1,000 US.

Many people in today’s society require instant gratification. It is extremely important that you follow the proper steps when treating back pain. A rhizotomy procedure, or other back surgery should never be you first choice when treating back pain. Unless your condition requires immediate medical attention, conservative measures for back pain treatment should always be attempted for at least 3-6 months. Even at this point surgery should be only a consideration and not an automatic decision, as many people would be able to live a happy lifestyle with minor pain.

Although the Internet has a lot of information available to its users, you should never use the information you find without the advice of a medical profession.

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